This is a completely open source, experimental experiment in legal daos from LexDAO*

Charter a DAO 📜

via Shapiro Code Deference

*This sets basic 'ground rules for your assocation*

Form LLC DAO 📜⚔️

via Ricardian LLC network

*Deploys a 'child' Delaware series LLC under LexDAO maintenance*


After summoning, check out your Moloch DAO on Daohaus!

(click on "Register New DAO")


* This is a very standard legal DAO deployment setup. It uses boilerplate legal terms from open source crypto law, and the presets for Moloch DAOs suggested in contract notes. If you have specialized needs, please consider consulting with a lawyer. Otherwise, LexDAO engineers are happy to discuss generalities to further development of standard terms. But for real though, lawyers google a lot of things :). Be free friends.